They are made of "1st quality" galvanized sheet of 0.50mm (25) 0.40mm (27) with a guillotine cutting, folded system, tinned and heat seal inside it. They are tested by unit (one by one) to guarantee quality and safety. The closure is performed with the traditional tin solder system. Important: Metal sheets of these metal boxes, since July 2012, have the Z275 system, which means 30% more zinc bath and manufactured exclusively for us by Siderar, whose trials neutral Salinas testing guarantee it.

Comparison Chart valves

We need to ensure that:
- Formol durability
- This two valves system allows an extra exit point wich prevents cover inflates.

Note: In metal boxes Caskets, Coffins, Round, Semi Extraordinary, Extraordinary and Cow, will carry two containers of equal amount of formaldehyde and a total of four external output valves.

Metálica T10

Since 1990 presents the new " CLOSURE " metal boxes avoiding tin solder system . ... Today we proudly say "It's the first metal seal box manufactured massively in the country " ... After 25 years, funeral companies from different States "can guarantee" it . Features: Biter low box and the boundary cover is reinforced by a galvanized plate section of 30mm. 1.6mm . thick, tin welded.
Closing Recommendations:
1- Fit first and close (A) in both directions
2- Idem (B)
3- Idem (C)